Monday, 24 August 2009

Sony Vaio W Series

Sony Vaio W Series

The features of this great netbook give it that added touch. Overall great performance finish and display. The multimedia features stand out, what i liked was the ability to sream live multimedia onto your TV or through your Play station as it gives you the choice of utalising it as a DLNA server.

DLNA is short for Digital Living Network Alliance, and defines a standard for moving movies, photos, music and other media from device to device. DLNA servers can store media in one location, and, without any setup or configuration, can stream the media to DLNA compliant players, like the PS3 and Xbox 360. The big draw behind DLNA is to throw away major configuration, and create a simplistic way for consumers to get media from one device to another.

The pebble key board resembles that of the Mac. The major draw backs are the price tag and battery life.

Sony Vaio W Series Features :
  • Pebble keyboard

  • Quality touchpad

  • 1366x768 resolution

  • 10.1" LED-backlit display

  • VAIO Multimedia Suite

  • Video and photo editing tools

  • VAIO Media Plus

  • DLNA server

  • Built-in camera and microphone

  • 160GB hard drive

  • 3-cell lithium-ion Battery

  • 3 hour battery life

  • Price: £499

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