Monday, 24 August 2009

Choosing Televisons

Choosing Televisons
Choosing a television can be one of the hardest things, with the constant introductions of new terminology and formats. There are several key features that one has to look out for:
1.Screen type: that is Plasma/LCD
2.Contrast Ratio
3.Refresh Rate 50HZ/60Hz/100Hz
4.HD Ready
5.Digital Ready
7.Difference between Progressive and Interlace
There are several of these points that companies market on in particular is HD Ready, I know that a lot of people believe that if it says HD Ready, when they go home they will be able to get this product home and receive this wonderful HD quality picture. There are a lot of false implications, and unless you have an HD source input (i.e. Blueray, PS3, or a HD broadcasts) you will only be receiving you picture in SD Standard Definition. This blog aims to assist you in making the right decision by being more informed.

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  1. Hi Im looking to buy a TV
    and what is the best Refresh rate 50HZ/60Hz/100Hz, and what does it do.